رای افتخار به سه نبوغ جوان ایرانی و لاتین – Vote for Top Canadian Immigrant’s Youth Award – Vota para Premio a la Juventud – Votez pour Prix de la Jeunesse

Our vote of honor to these young latin and persian talents in Canada!

Notre vote d’honneur à ces jeunes talents latins et persans en Canada!

Nuestro voto de honor a estos jóvenes talentos latinos y persas en Canadá!

رای افتخار ما به این استعدادهای جوان لاتین و ایرانی تبار در کانادا

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Youth Award

This year, on the occasion of Canada’s 150th anniversary, one winner will also be recognized for a new additional section of  Youth Award beside the regular RBC Entrepreneur Award.

How does selection process work?

Comment fonctionne le processus de sélection?

¿Cómo funciona el proceso de selección?

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Prix des jeunes

Cette année, à l’occasion du 150 e anniversaire du Canada, un gagnant sera également récompensé d’une nouvelle section supplémentaire du Prix des jeunes à l’occasion du Prix régulier des entrepreneurs RBC.

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Premio de la Juventud

Este año, con ocasión del 150 aniversario de Canadá, un ganador también será reconocido por una nueva sección adicional del Premio de la Juventud junto al Premio RBC a los Emprendedores.


برای کسب اطلاعات اولیه
ابتدا پست زیر را بخوانید 

جایزه جوانان

امسال برای اولین سال و به مناسبت یکصدمین سالگرد تاسیس کشورکانادا، علاوه بر نامزدی برای مهاجران برتر درزمینه جایزه کارآفرینی که همه ساله بطور معمول توسط بانک آر بی سیحمایت می شود، یک برنده بیشتر نیز در بخش جدیدی بنام جوایز جوانان در این رقابت در نظر گرفته شده است





شبکه های کلمبیران


Daniela Navia – Colombia


Eligible for Youth Award as well!

Researcher, community advocate
City: Edmonton
Country of Origin: Colombia


Daniela Navia has worked as a research consultant for the Alberta government’s arts sector since November 2015. Through research and evaluation, she ensures that a $27 million budget support the arts in different communities across the province. Additionally, she engages in research projects examining the social and economic impact of arts engagement and advocates for marginalized communities (particularly newcomers and indigenous people) as a priority during policy-making.

Navia is an accomplished young professional, with seven years of experience conducting community-based research locally and internationally for public and non-profit organizations in Canada. Drawing from her experiences as a young Colombian-born immigrant, Navia began her career in global health research and focused on helping Canadians better understand health inequities in lower-income countries to shape effective health interventions. From 2008 to 2011, Navia travelled to the Dominican Republic and Ethiopia as part of a research team. She worked with families and health workers to better understand their experiences with health interventions for child growth monitoring and pediatric HIV/AIDS. By complementing quantitative data with the lived experiences of those affected by health issues, she highlighted potential gaps in health interventions that could be addressed. As she developed her research skills, Navia mentored students and inspired them to conduct research that was socially responsible to disadvantaged communities.

Over time, her research developed a local focus as well, and she began carrying out projects that would shed light on health inequities within Canada. It was through this work that Navia began employing artistic methodologies to build a better understanding of the lived experiences of disadvantaged communities. Navia worked on projects with men living with HIV in an assisted care facility, incarcerated women and with vulnerable youth. Each of these projects utilized participatory visual methods. Research participants created a creative project based on their experience, utilizing photography, video and drawing to help tell their stories.

In 2011, Navia began working as a research assistant at Wood’s Homes, a mental health agency for children and families. In her position, Navia helped build an evaluation framework to examine the outcomes of vulnerable children and families receiving services. She also conducted a research project with youth who ran away from care placements, focused on better understanding their experiences in care. This research project helped shaped her future graduate research.

From 2013 to 2015, Navia carried out her graduate research entitled Uncovering Colonial Legacies: Voices of Indigenous Youth in Child Welfare (dis)Placements. The project focused on building an understanding of how colonialism shapes the experiences of indigenous youth, who make up two-thirds of children in care in Alberta. This project has been recognized as a very important contribution to the social sciences for bringing attention to an important issue in an innovative way. Navia’s research was rooted in working with youth to tell their stories collaboratively and allowing their creative voices to take centre stage. 20 youth participated in the project and used painting, drawing, photography, dance, sculpture and beading as a way to share their experiences. Youth also shared their stories with public audiences, presenting across Canada and exhibiting their work in an art exhibit. In 2016, the documentary (Dis)placed based on the research project, premiered.

Navia is an active member of her community and has dedicated much of her time to giving back. She began volunteering in high school, providing translation and interpretation services for Immigrant Services Calgary, a local non-profit serving new immigrants. During her studies at the University of Calgary (U of C), Navia was an active volunteer at the Women’s Resource Centre, which serves as a community hub for students. As the team lead for events and education, Navia co-ordinated community events, speakers and helped provide students with a safe and inclusive space to gather and study. She organized a variety of community events including a weekly “do-it-yourself” series, as well as team meetings and volunteer training.

In her current community work as part of the Canadian Council for Refugees (CCR) Youth Advisory Committee, Navia mentors a group of 15 newcomer youth ages 14 to 24 in Edmonton. They share their experiences, gain leadership skills and become advocates for their communities thanks to her. The CCR Edmonton Youth Network is one of 13 youth-led projects across Canada that bring newcomer youth together, discuss issues that they face and find strategies to tackle them. Navia facilitates youth involvement in leading local initiatives that empower their communities, including the recently held Newcomers are Lit Youth Gathering. The youth will be representing Edmonton at an upcoming national Youth Action Gathering in Winnipeg.

Navia graduated from U of C, with a bachelor of health sciences honours degree and a master of arts degree in sociocultural anthropology. She received a number of grants to carry out her research, including the Canadian Institute of Health Research HIV prevention Seed Funding (valued at $25,000), the Alberta Centre of Child, Family and Community Research Westbury Award (valued at $20,000), and the Urban Aboriginal Knowledge Network partnership grant (valued at $11,180).

Her research has won numerous awards, including the Chief David Crowchild Memorial Award, the J.B. Hyne Research Innovation Award, the Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council of Canada Storytellers contest award, and the University of Calgary Chancellor’s Graduate Medal. Most recently, Daniela received the Western Association of Graduate Studies Distinguished Thesis award for Biological Sciences, Mathematical and Physical Sciences, Life Sciences, and Engineering.

She is also a published writer, with nine peer-reviewed publications on topics including the experiences of indigenous youth in care, the effectiveness of sexual health interventions on women and early childhood development programs in low income communities.


Adib Razavi – Iran
Eligible for Youth Award as well!

Vice-president, TAC Sports
City: Toronto
Country of Origin: Iran


Adib Razavi, vice-president of Toronto Athletic Camps (TAC Sports), was born in Iran, and moved to Canada when he was 12 years old. He was a good student and also very involved in sports, local activities and community service. Razavi graduated from Langstaff Secondary School and entered York University as an undergrad, majoring in business and environmental science. Later, he enrolled in some courses at York, Schulich School of Business in the MBA program.

When Razavi immigrated to Canada with his family, in addition to acclimatizing to the Canadian weather and culture, he faced numerous challenges as an immigrant. For example, he had to support the integration of his non-English speaking family members within Canadian society, find his own identity at school and among his peers, and juggle his time between his educational pursuits and financial independence. These experiences inspired him to develop TAC Sports, a sports and educational academy that not only specializes in providing outstanding sports and educational opportunities to varied communities, but also works in close collaboration with provincial and federal governments to support at-risk youth and families.

TAC started off as a small after-school program with 30 students at two school locations. Within a year, it expanded to 20 school programs, including numerous holiday camps. At present, TAC offers programming in French, arts, robotics and sports with offerings of more than 160 school programs in six communities (Toronto, Markham, Richmond Hill, Mississauga, North York and Aurora). TAC touches the lives of more than 30,000 students a year, and more than 10 per cent of them have free access to TAC programs based on need. Razavi’s small business has impacted diverse communities in many ways by not only providing educational and developmental opportunities to children, but also by supporting at-risk youth and challenged neighbourhoods.

Razavi operates TAC in collaboration with the provincial government’s Career Foundation and Summer Job Internship Programs. These programs provide mentorship and employment opportunities to at-risk youth from low-income earning families. By providing training and employment prospects, TAC extends opportunities for self-exploration to graduate and undergraduate students to help them with choosing a career path that suits their temperament. In the past three years, approximately 250 students have utilized these programs through TAC, which, at present, provides temporary/seasonal employment to approximately 50 individuals. Razavi believes that saving at-risk youth by giving them life opportunities is an outstanding achievement and a just reason for celebration.

From the perspective of a sports hub, Razavi and his team touch the lives of young children (from three to 16) by helping them achieve their full potential at school and in their physical health. TAC’s star-development system is measurable and outcomes-focused, providing children from diverse backgrounds a unique place to collaborate, learn and grow. Through innovative and family-oriented programs, he aims to improve children’s health and promote youth activity in the GTA.

Razavi is also committed to ensuring all children have the opportunity to play and benefit from sports participation. He does his best to accommodate those with special needs, and he strives to create lasting, nurturing relationships with the youth of the amazing GTA community.

Ninela Sanchez – Venezuela
Eligible for Youth Award as well!

TV personality, speaker
City: Mississauga
Country of Origin: Venezuela


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Ninela Sanchez is Venezuelan, born in Caracas in 1993, yet a very proud Canadian citizen. Sanchez considers herself an ambitious, charismatic, self-driven individual with a great passion for life. Being spiritual, positive and a leader are one of her many virtues. Growing up with a humble family in a bicultural environment has taught her to survive difficult challenges and master two languages: Spanish and English.

Sanchez started to merge in the beauty pageant world and several charities campaigns from a very young age. Her persistence and consistency lead her to win Miss Venezuela Kid 2002 and Miss Canada Latina 2014-2015.

Her preparation and commitment after been crowned Miss Canada Latina, also lead her to place in the top 10 semi-finalist at the international pageant, Miss Latin America of the World.
Sanchez, also placed Top 20 in the Miss Universe Canada 2016 pageant out of 62 delegates from across the country.

Transcending to other achievements, and travelling from east to west in Canada and several parts of Latin America, highly representing the Latin Canadian woman, has made Sanchez become a public figure.

Shortly afterward, Sanchez was tapped as co-host of Hey Latino TV, a family-oriented program for the Hispanic community. During this time, Sanchez also presented special commercials for Rogers TV, Breakfast City TV, Carassauga-Latin Pavilion and worked on several modeling projects, including commercials for Archie’s Mango, Singer Henry Vivel, Panamania for the Panamerican Games-Toronto 2015, Rosred Collection, Ideally Yours Boutique, Nina’s collection boutique, JEP Agency INC, Univision Canada and other well-known Canadian brands.

Sanchez currently works for Univision Canada. As well, she has passed to be the national state director of the Miss Canada Latina franchise in Canada.

Sanchez supports and runs a yearly campaign to raise funds for Autism Canada, Operation Smile and the Canadian Bullying organization; in order to become a platform to educate and build awareness about these important causes. Sanchez always strives to give of her hospitality to other communities in need of help, and loves to teach others the importance of “in unity there is much strength.”

One of her personal objectives is to continuously influence her generation by being a leader in her community, and bringing the message of “beauty with purpose” by impacting lives in a positive way. She defiantly believes that love conquers all.

Sanchez graduated with an advanced diploma in business administration marketing from Sheridan College, and has a certificate in public speaking and communications.






شبکه های کلمبیران

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