Social Development


Project Series 200

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Social Development

of COLOMBIRAN Communities of Canada 

Développement Social

des Communautés de COLOMBIRAN de Canada

Desarrollo Social

de las Comunidades de COLOMBIRAN de Canadá

توسعه اجتماعی

کامیونیتی های جمعیت کلمبیران در کانادا


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MT-CGOL Project 

Mother-Tongue Canadian Government On-Line

Projet de GCEL-LM

  Gouvernement du Canada En Ligne – En langue Maternelle

El Proyecto GCEL -LM

Gobierno Canadiense En Línea – En la Lengua Materna

پروژه 202 با حروف مخفف داک – بزم 

دولت الکترونیک کانادا – به زبان مادری



This project connects Government of Canada to COLOMBIRAN Communities across the country. The objective is to facilitate the dissemination of information pertinent to Government of Canada, as well as the official messages of the governments of Canada (Federal and Provincial), via modern tools of a new and evolving digital age, to new immigrants and new Canadians.

The project further targets other creative initiatives to make this happen in mother-tongue of Canadians within our large COLOMBIRANIAN communities of over 1 million size across Canada.

The project attempts to engage parties from Government of Canada and Colombiran Social Enterprise as allies and stakeholders of Canada, to better educate New Canadians and New Arrivals about how Canada works for them and what Canada expects from them in return. 


Visit our “Government of Canada Page, AKA GC Page “, and learn new some things about Canada, right from official videos released by various federal government departments and agencies.



to quickly land in the GC page! 


What is meant by the term e-government?

It involves government agencies delivering better programs and services online, more efficiently, through the use of new information and communications technologies. E-government also harnesses the use of these technologies to improve government administration as well as enabling more effective engagement with the community.



Census Project

Projet du Recensement

Proyecto de Censo

پروژه سرشماری


 Link & Resource Centre

Centre de Lien et les Ressources

Centro de Enlace y los Recursos

مرکز پیوندها و منابع اینترنتی


This project aims  to promote all Latin-Canadian and Persian-Canadian major resources in Canada, so that all Canadian governments, businesses,  communities and general public including the COLOMBIRAN community members in Canada can find and contact the media, business, or institution of interest.

How can you engage or help?!

  • If  you are the owner or founder or person-in-charge for any relevant institution or media which is not listed in this centre, please contact us to provide your links and information. If relevant to our COLOMBIRANIAN communities (i.e. Latins and/or Persian-speaking communities of Canada), we will add the links in this centre for free.
  • Anyone who is aware of other helpful,  useful and relevant links that should be added under this centre, please let us know by sending the name and a valid Internet link of the resources  you would like to recommend us listing it in the  link centre.


Visit COLOMBIRAN’s Link & Resource Centre Now!

Click Here

  P – 250

Social Media on Alert

Média Sociaux en Alerte

Medios Social en Alerta

پروژه سوشیال مدیای آماده باش


Strategic Residence Project

Projet de Résidence Stratégique

Proyecto de Residencia Estratégico

پروژه سکونت استراتژیک