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Navigation and Display Tips for Different Devices 

Responsive Website

This website is built on a 100% responsive high resolution software, meaning regardless of your display system you should have an optimal experience of reading the words, opening photos and videos, and having no issues or problems with navigation throughout the site.

If this is not the case and you face any technical difficulty or message, we appreciate you email us at info@colombiran.ca to report the issue.

No matter, which device you use though, you will be able to see everything, read every posts, and watch every video!

We recommend however, if you are at home or another desired location, try to visit and navigate the website – specially for the first visits – using a regular desktop or laptop computer. This choice will give you the highest amount of visibility in one single screen and therefore a much better first-time visual experience.

Here is what you may experience visiting or navigating the site depending what type of device or  display screen you may be using:

  • If you are using a regular desktop personal computer (PC) or a laptop, on each page of the site you should be able to see the entire top main English menu and the Farsi bar menu, as well as the logo, and the full-width page along with the two side bars on each side of every page.


A view of top portion of front page (Home page) on regular size screen نمای قسمت بالایی صفحه اصلی سایت در صورت استفاده از صفحه نمایشگر کامپیوتر



  • If you are using an iPad or tablet, your display on each page must still be showing the entire top main menu bars (however just thicker menus expanded to more lines), plus the logo, and plus the full-width page with two little red tabs (arrows) toward left and right of your screen, where they give you access to the left and right sidebars. If across any page you do not see these little red tabs to switch to the sidebars, you may simply need to scroll up a little bit. The access tabs are always located right under the logo in each webpage.


On any webpage, you have access to posts and blogs on the left sidebar, and to some videos and music videos on the right sidebar.


When using an Ipad or other medium-size tablets, make sure to touch the double-arrow tabs to the left or to the right (highlighted in yellow) to get access to sidebars. هنگام استفاده از آیپد یا تبلت های با سایز متوسط، ممکن است لازم باشد یک یا هر دو دگمه بازشدن نوارهای سایت را به سمت چپ یا راست فشار دهید تا به محتوای روی نوارها دسترسی پیدا کنید. این دگمه ها زیر منوی فارسی قرار دارند و در تصویر به رنگ زرد مشخص شده اند



  • If you are using an iPhone, other smartphones, or any other devices with smaller screens size than a typical tablet, normally you may not have any side bar at all.  Instead, the contents of the sidebars will appear in their respective order right after each other, and following each webpage you are currently navigating.


A view of the lower portion of the front page (Home page) on regular size screen. نمای قسمت انتهایی صفحه اصلی سایت . پستها و بلاگهای روزانه روی نوار سمت چب و معمولا بیشتر ویدیوها و نماهنگها روی نوار سمت راست قرار می گیرند


“Back-to-Top” Icon, A Handy Tool

To go back to previous screen or to “Home Page”, you can simply use the back button on your browser or on your device. However it could be easier to just move up a bit on screen and use the “top menu” bars to move back and forth between pages.

Also, if you are using an ipad or tablet and do not have the full screen with expanded sidebars, every time you need to go to the right or left sidebar, you may need to scroll up back again to get access to the two little arrow tabs, so that you can open the menu bars.

To address this, just use the red arrow icon pointing to the top. It is always available on the lower right side of each screen.   If the icon is not visible on some small screens, it may be just an automatic comfort feature on your device. Keep your hand for two seconds on the area and the red-arrow icon should reappear again if it was  invisible or disappeared at any time.


Up Arrow

Just click or tap the red colour UP Arrow icon so you can instantly be back to the top! The icon may be invisible on some screen.  برای بازگشت به بالای صفحه و دسترسی به منوی صفحات یا دگمه های باز کننده نوارهای چپ و راست (در صورت استفاده از تبلت و آیپد) بسادگی از کلید فلش قرمز رنگ استفاده کنید