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NEW! As Seen On Our Facebook Page! 

  1. Let’s face it! Not everyone is in Facebook! And even if they are, not all the time they log into their accounts!
  2. Not all the  photo posts or multimedia files that we can legally and safely share in our FB page, can be technically or legally -copyright wise- published or uploaded in our website quickly! And even if they could, not everyone could open the videos unless they are logged in their FB account on their device in another browser. There are most often  some technical restrictions or limitations in the way.
  3. Sometimes, some hours or days or even weeks after an original multi-media post (containing photo, audio music, or video music, or just a documentary video)  is shared in Social Media such as Facebook, we are able to either obtain permission to upload or publish the same file(s) in our website, or  the contents  will become available in public video social media platforms such as Youtube. Then, having more time and resources, we are able to provide the same post in our website for those of you  who would regularly not see it in the Facebook environment.
  4. All this to say, going forward, we will have a new weekly or bi-weekly regular “post” in COLOMBIRAN website, when we feel there was or there were some posts shared in our Facebook page over the past few days that were worth it not to be missed, or perhaps even to be watched again!


خدمتی جدید و بیشتر در وبسایت کلمبیران

از این پس،  پستی هفتگی یا هر دو هفته یک بار در وبسایت رسمی کلمبیران منتشر خواهیم کرد تا در آن پست بتوانیم توضیحات و لینکها و ویدیوهای تکمیلی بیشتری در رابطه با بعضی از پستهای همرسانی شده ظرف یک تا دوهفته قبل در صفحه فیسبوک مان که مجال بحث و بررسی بیشتر آنها در زمان انتشار یا همرسانی اولیه فراهم نبوده، در سایت ارائه نماییم

ضمنا این فرصتی برای افرادی است که چنانچه به هر دلیل علاقه یا امکان یا فرصت حضور در فیسبوک را ندارند، و فقط دنبال کنننده توییتر و سایت سایت کلمبیران می باشند، از این بخش اطلاع رسانی و همرسانی فیسبوکی کلمبیران عقب نمانند


FB Post June 12,  2016 


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Original video in Youtube


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