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TOP 10 Antes de Llegar a Canadá! – TOP 10 Before Arriving to Canada! – TOP 10 Avant d’Arriver au Canada – ده کار مهم قبل از رسیدن به کانادا

PROJECT 205 Learn about 10 top things to do before immigration to Canada Renseignez-vous sur les 10 choses à faire avant l’immigration au Canada Aprenda sobre 10 cosas que debe hacer antes de inmigrar a Canadá با ده کار مهمی که باید قبل از سفر مهاجرتی به کانادا انجام داد آشنا شوید   What is CanadaView!? CanadaView is a social project primarily serving the hispanic and latin american communities of...

Registration of Canadians Abroad (ROCA)

Registration of Canadians Abroad Day is Near! Registration of Canadians Abroad (ROCA)  is a free service that enables government officials to contact you and better assist you in case of an emergency abroad, such as a natural disaster or civil unrest. Having your information on DFATD’s file could also help us inform you of an emergency at home. It is completely confidential and no information will be shared with a third...

19 Reasons Why You Should Never Visit Iran!

Quieren visitar Irán?! Pero…… Con Cuidado!!!   No doubt you’ve heard a lot about Iran in the media. And it’s true, Iran is a truly evil and terrifying place. Here we present 19 reasons you should never, ever, visit this godforsaken land! Seriously, Stay away from it!   Here is the 19 reasons for our advice: