Why COLOMBIRAN?- ¿Por qué Colombia e Irán?


Our Social Role

In order to remove the current and visible social gaps and/or isolation among some new immigrants and new citizens of Canada, and to empower and help them to fully engage themselves and their communities into social, cultural, economical and political affairs of Canada, and in order to promote a collaborative social life style within multiculturalism regime of Canada, COLOMBIRAN will focus on, and highlight the common values of its targeted nations through education and promotion of arts, music, language, literature, history, heritage values, tourism, economy, and other cultural/social elements of their respective cultures.


Expected Outcome of COLOMBIRAN Philosophy

Each of five COLOMBIRAN raison d’être items shall return the following outcome for our society, respectively:

  • More aware and alert Canadians by sharing affecting news and information in order to achieve more responsible citizens and to increase citizens’ social engagement rate.
  • Flow of knowledge and friendship among Canadian community members resulting more collaborative and cooperative citizens across Canada.
  • Support and enrich the social life, business conditions, local economy and potential earning power of members and clienteles, thus a positive impact on Canadian small businesses growth.
  • Contribute in retaining and building up friendlier, stronger, and more understanding society and communities across Canada, as well as easier adaptation phase for new immigrants.
  • Facilitate the delivery of programs and services of Government of Canada to more of new immigrants and new citizens, as well as support local, national, and international economy and businesses in reaching out and offering their products and services to more Canadians, specifically  COLOMBIRAN members and clienteles across Canada.