Goals & Scope



In growing toward becoming a recognized socio-cultural NGO of the future and serve our diverse Canadian societies as a large Social Enterprise over the time, the scope of our business plans and goals may include any legitimate and legal business and/or social, cultural, economical activities under Canadian laws, that are in accordance or are compatible with COLOMBIRAN’s raison d’être, either with or without sound financial gain or profit margin for COLOMBIRAN Incorporation itself, where such services, activities,  and businesses, as long as they are economically justifiable for COLOMBIRAN even at no or minimal return rate,  could ultimately benefit our members and clienteles in a legal and socially-acceptable and ethical manner.

As such, we may conduct business and/or involve or contribute in any social, cultural, economical, tourism, and educational activities and developments which could increase or improve our members’ and clienteles’ overall level and quality of social and economical life in a number of different ways, including but not limited to the followings:


  • Promotion or sponsorship of art and music events,  cultural programs, crafts and art exhibitions, and multicultural festivals
  • Create space and provide tools to encourage our members toward acquiring required skills to master the first and learn the second official language of Canada
  • Providing members the possibilities to learn additional foreign languages (Persian and Spanish) to support Canada’s multicultural atmosphere
  • Improvement around members’ workplace challenges and employment market related matters
  • Empowerment of members toward social and financial stability across their communities through ongoing education, seminars, and workshops
  • Raise awareness about social, legal and citizenship rights and responsibilities, as well as right to express or exercise political views and activities across the society
  • Promoting educational and career advancement opportunities and conditions
  • Awareness on housing markets and home ownership opportunities and requirements in Canada
  • Promotion of entrepreneurship in Canada with the aim of establishing and growing small businesses to contribute in Canada’s economic growth
  • Collaboration and/or partnership with Canadian governments,  NGOs, corporations and institutions, towards favorable social, cultural, and economical businesses that may benefit members and clienteles
  • Leverage social networking platforms beside tri-lingual capacity of COLOMBIRAN communities to maximize business and social goals achievement.


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