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COLOMBIRAN.CA ®  referred thereafter interchangeably as COLOMBIRAN or Colombiran CA or colombiran.ca , is the operational title and the website name of an expanding multinational multicultural Canadian-base NGO (Non-Governmental Organization) that has been federally incorporated in September 2015 with the main orientation and mission of empowering its new and naturalized Canadian members to develop a clearer understanding of the cultural, social, economical, and political factors affecting their new lives in Canada upon immigration, and to strenghten their awareness of their own rights, role and responsibility to improve their social lives in their new homehand.

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The corporation has been federally registered under the legal name of COLOMBIRAN Multinational Social Enterprise Inc.

As such colombiran.ca is indeed the first-of-a-kind multilingual and multinational website belonging to the first-of-a-kind multicultural Social Enterprise in the world, based and registered federally in Canada.

About the Founders and the Name 

COLOMBIRAN is primarily founded and established by some ordinary yet dual citizen Canadian couple with original background of Colombia and Iran. However,  the title and logo of COLOMBIRAN is just a simplified website name to represent and honor the old countries of the founders. In practice, COLOMBIRAN deals with some regions much bigger than the political and geographical land of Colombia and Iran.


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In COLOMBIRAN.CA, we represent all legal residents and citizens of Canada who either have Hispanic and/or Latin American background (this includes immigrants from Spain and Brazil), as well as all legal residents and citizens of Canada whose mother tongue is Persian language (primarily the old citizens of Iran, Afghanistan and Tajikistan), regardless of their current place/country of living, and regardless of their current legal status in Canada (i.e. citizen, landed permanent immigrant, refugee, work permit holder, student, tourist or temporary visitor).


To learn more about COLOMBIRAN ideas and plans, you can also see our F.A.Q. page, or take a look at some of COLOMBIRAN’s main concepts and keywords. Click here.




محتویات این صفحه و اطلاعات تکمیلی و مفصل  بیشتردرباره کلمبیران، قبلا در صفحه جداگانه ای به زبان فارسی تحت عنوان کلمبیران چیست منتشر گردیده است