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Sad News from Persian Language Foundation, issued today


It is with deepest regret that we write to announce that Dr Ali Sattaripour, Founder of the Persian Language Foundation has passed away, aged 73.

Dr Sattaripour established the Persian Language Foundation in 2012 and worked with great enthusiasm and commitment to promote and advance Persian Language learning, right up until the time of his death late last week.

Dr. Ali Sattaripour, Founder of Persian Language Foundation, UK. Photo Credit: PLF webiste

His vision to create the Foundation’s website  www.PersianLanguageOnline.com has fundamentally changed the way in which many students now learn Persian, and has brought valuable educational resources into the hands of those learners who live far from Persian Language teaching centres.

Dr Sattaripour cared deeply that Iranian children growing up abroad should have every opportunity to learn Persian. The Foundation’s latest project to create a fun Persian Language app for pre-schoolers will inspire a new generation of Persian Language learners and represents another facet of Dr Sattaripour’s great contribution to the field of Persian Language education.

A memorial service will be held for Dr Sattaripour on Sunday 15th of May at the Jumeirah Carlton Tower Hotel (1 Cadogan Place, London SW1X 9PY) from 5pm until 7pm.

Rather than sending flowers, Dr Sattaripour’s family have requested that donations be made to the Motor Neurone Disease Association, which works to enable everybody living with MND to receive the best care, achieve the highest possible quality of life and to die with dignity.

Please click here if you would like to donate to this fund.


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The Trustees and CEO of the Iran Heritage Foundation announce with sadness the passing of their colleague and long-standing Trustee, Dr Ali Sattaripour, in London at the age of 73.
 Upon completing his PhD studies at Purdue University Dr Sattaripour returned to Iran and joined the faculty of the country’s prestigious Aryamehr (now Sharif) University. In 1979 he was appointed to the governing board of Sharif and then advised the government on industrial and development policy. He then moved to the United Kingdom with his family and set up and led the highly successful SGC group of companies which operate mostly in the oil and gas technologies field. He remained the active Chair of the company until the on-set of his illness.

 Dr Sattaripour was a man of vision, principle and determination. His devotion to the promotion of Iranian studies in the this country was legendary and he played a leading role in the growth and success of the IHF as an institution during the many years he served on its Board of Trustees with great distinction. He was particularly passionate in his mission to promote the teaching of the Persian language and, as founder and Chairman of the Persian Language Foundation, left behind an important, successful and lasting institution and teaching legacy.
 We will miss our dear friend and colleague and extend our deepest condolences to Mrs Monir Sattaripour and Ali’s daughters, Rana and Ladan, and their families.

Iran Heritage Foundation

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ویدیوهای دیدنی از آموزش فارسی در جهان 


 با اندوه فراوان و قلبی آکنده از تأسف خبر درگذشت دکتر علی ستاری پور، بنیانگذار و رئیس هیئت امنای بنیاد زبان فارسی را به اطلاع میرسانیم. مجلس یادبود آن شادروان روز یکشنبه ١۵ ماه مه  ٢٠١۶ برابر با ۲۶ اردیبهشت  ۱۳۹۵ از ساعت ۵ الی ٧ بعدازظهر خواهد بود

محل گردهمایی
Jumeirah Carlton Tower Hotel
No. 1 Cadogan Place, London SW1X 9PY

کلمیران کانادا فقدان این اندیشمند دلسوزو  پرکار را به خانواده  ایشان، به همکاران گرانقدرشان در بنیاد میراث ایران و همچنین در بنیاد زبان فارسی، و همچنین به تمام فارسی زبانان  مخاطب خود تسلیت عرض  می نماید

وبسایت بنیاد زبان فارسی حاصل کار طاقت فرسا و شبانه روزی دکتر علی ستاری پور و همکارانشان  با همراهی محققین و اساتید دانشگاههای معتبر و مختاف در کشور انگلستان بوده است که در مدت بسیار کوتاهی به یکی از موثرترین و اصولی ترین و جامع ترین پورتالهای آنلاین و رایگان آموزش زبان فارسی برای غیر فارسی زبانان  تبدیل شده است

کلمبیران کانادا از کلیه فارسی زبانان مقیم کانادا و سایر کشورهای مهاجرخیز جهان دعوت می نماید نشانی وبسایت بنیاد زبان فارسی را در اختیار کلیه غیر ایرانیان علاقمند به  فرهنگ و زبان ملل فارسی زبان قرار دهند. برای جزئییات بیشتر به صفحه  بنیاد زبان فارسی نزد وبسایت کلمبیران (لینک در شکل زیر) مراجعه نمایید

خانواده دکتر ستاری پوردر انگلستان از اقوام و بستگان و عموم علاقمندانِ مایل به  خرید و ارسال گُل، دعوت کرده اند با صرف نظر از این عمل، در صورت علاقه و تمایل به ابراز همدردی،  میزان مورد نظر خود را به ” انجمن  بیماری ام ان دی” که مورد حمایت دکتر ستاری بوده است اهدا نمایند. برای این منظور می توانید از این لینک یا شکل زیراستفاده نمایید

Postscript: 12 hours later!  

We are excited to see that 12 hours after this original post was published in COLOMBIRAN’s website, over 2000 viewers have viewed the post. So many people have reacted with sad smiley to our facebook re-shared posts (in several Persian Facebook groups across the world). We thank everyone for their kind feelings and sympathy.

However, another big excitement comes with the fact that in the past 12 hours, and with just 3 contributors or donors, a total of £2,300 has been further donated to the cause that Dr. Sattaripour’s family recommended. Wow!  This is a big money coming from only 3 individuals or entities!

donate 2

Further Update: December 2016





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