قِصّه های خوب بَرای بَچّه خوب؛ حِسابِ سَرنِوِشت، قِصّه های گُلِستان و مُلِستان – El Trabajo del Destino – Good Story, Good Child; The Workings of Fate – Le Travail du Destin




Good Stories For Good Children … From old Persia!

Bonnes histoires pour les bons enfants … De l’ancienne perse!

Buenas historias para los niños buenos … De la antigua persia!

قصه های خوب برای بچه های خوب … از داستانهای کهن پارسی

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لینک به داستان های بیشتر

ca50.25This children story book has won a UNESCO prize. It is being published in this website exclusively under project number 731-1, with permission from copyright owner in Iran. Click on image below to learn about these stories and opportunity of their translation in other languages.

Ce livre des histoires pour les enfants a remporté un prix UNESCO. Il est publié ici exclusivement, sous le project numéro 731-1, avec la permission du propriétaire des droits d’auteur en Iran. Cliquez sur l’image ci-dessous pour en savoir plus,  à peu près ces histoires et opportunité de leur traduction dans d’autres langues.

co50.25Este libro de cuentos los niños ha sido galardonado con un premio UNESCO. Se está publicando exclusivamente en nuestro sitio, bajo el proyecto número 731-1, con el permiso del propietario de los derechos de autor en Irán. Haga clic en la imagen de abajo para aprender sobre estas historias y oportunidad de su traducción en otros idiomas.





شبکه های کلمبیران


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The following text is a translation from original copyright Persian material with permission. The translation job into other language(s) is courtesy of one or several translators named on each respective section as gifted exclusively to COLOMBIRAN website for nonprofit project 731-1. All rights reserved for respective Translator(s), COLOMBIRAN Inc. (Online Publisher), and Amirkabir Publications Inc. (Original Persian Publisher).  You may republish the translation(s) ONLINE ONLY, and only for promotional non-commercial purposes, upon written permission from COLOMBIRAN, and by providing link to this webpage. For interested and qualified third party publishers to purchase the translations for prints and large worldwide distributions, we can arrange for copyright settlements between all parties involved in different countries. Contact us for details. Translation to German welcome. 
اخطار قانونی ©

 متن های غیر فارسی داستان حاضر ترجمه بخشی از کتابی است که دارای حقوق معنوی و مادی قانونی موجود نزد سازمان انتشارات امیرکبیر تهران می باشد. انتشار اینترنتی داستان اصلی و ترجمه به زبان های دیگر با اخذ اجازه و با طی مراحل قانونی و اخلاقی فیمابین ناشر اصلی (امیرکبیر) و ناشر اینترنتی (کلمبیران) صورت می پذیرد. ترجمه ها توسط مترجم یا مترجمین مختلف در کشورهای مختلف صورت پذیرفته و بطورافتخاری به پروژه غیرانتفاعی شماره 1-731 وبسایت کلمبیران اهدا گردیده است. کلیه حقوق مادی و معنوی ذیربط برای مترجم یا مترجمان و ناشر اینترنتی (سازمان کلمبیران) و ناشر اولیه (انتشارات امیرکبیر) محفوظ می باشد. تجدید انتشار آنلاین ترجمه انگلیسی بدون بازنشر متن فارسی بدون قصد انتفاع مادی و با هدف کمک به نشر ادبیات زبان فارسی در میان غیر فارسی زبانان برای جلب علاقه ناشرین خارجی به انتشار کامل و قانونی ترجمه کامل کتاب بلامانع می باشد لیکن برای این منظور لازم است پیشاپیش اجازه باز نشر آنلاین ترجمه های کتاب را بطور کتبی از سازمان کلمبیران کسب نموده و در بازنشر خود به این صفحه مرجع لینک اتصال ارائه نمایید. در صورت وجود ناشرین ذیصلاح ثالث برای انتشار و فروش ترجمه داستانها در کشورهای مختلف جهان سازمان کلمبیران بین کلیه طرف های قانونی هماهنگی خواهد نمود. برای جزئیات با ما تماس حاصل نمایید

Volume 7 of 8 


The Workings of Fate

Translated from original Persian text into English Mahvash Azizi Montreal-based Iranian-Canadian Translator and Interpreter 

ترجمه فارسی به انگلیسی مهوش عزیزی مترجم ایرانی کانادایی مقیم مونترال



Once upon a time, a sea voyage was taking place and the ship left the shore. The ship’s passengers were some merchants going to do their trade and some travellers taking a tour. As the ship left the shore, some of the passengers went on deck to watch. When some people meet for the first time and have nothing to say or do, as soon as one talks about a subject, all others start talking about the same subject and each one wants to say, “ Hey, I am here too and I have an opinion”, and each wants to talk about his ideas and views.

The passengers on the deck saw a small boat following the ship.  One of the passengers pointed to the boat and said:” they are wrong to come to the sea in this small boat. If there is a storm it will be very dangerous for them.”

Now this created an opportunity for each person to say “here I am, listen to what I have to say”, and each person gave his views on this. One believed in luck and chance, and thought that man’s will in things is as nothing. Another considered one’s fate the result of one’s wisdom and knowledge and upbringing. Everyone wanted to say something.

The others started giving their opinions and these exchanges went on.

  • What are you saying! It is true that one does not know everything but everyone should know as much as possible about what he does. It is thoughtlessness that causes failure. If you want the truth, we are all gambling with our lives. A smart person does not go to the middle of the vast sea on these bits of boards stuck together!
  • What! That is not possible. Everyone has a profession. One is a merchant and should go after buying and selling, another is an explorer and goes after exploring. If all people were scared of the sea and stayed home, nothing would be done in the whole world. Of course in everything one should find the best way to do it. When one is going on a sea voyage, one should find the best ship, which is what we have done.
  • It would be even better if a sea passenger knew swimming too.
  • God rest your father’s soul! If there is a storm and the ship is damaged and sinks, what good is swimming in the middle of the sea?
  • No, no, this is ignorance. It is better to know anything than nothing. The person who does not know how to swim, will drown very fast and the one who knows, can stay floating longer until help comes.
  • That is what I was saying too, that a person in a boat should stay near the shore, even if he knows how to swim.
  • I was saying something else, that it does not matter if you are near or far from the shore, if one’s time has not come, one will survive in both fire and water, and if it has come, then one will not survive in bed at home, either.
  • No dear man, don’t say that. What does one’s time has come or not mean? One’s life is not all in the hands of the blind and deaf fate. One makes most of it oneself. If one goes inside fire and one does not wear fire proof clothing, one will surely burn. If one’s life was dependent on luck and fate, no one would invent safety devices. I am already afraid, and especially for those people in the boat.
  • Do not be afraid. May be they are smarter than you or I. How do we know if they are not expert swimmers? They say a madman is smart when it comes to his own affairs. Anyway, why should there be a storm?
  • Well, they are being cautious by following the big ship. If there is a need they can contact the ship.
  • This is all talk. God willing no disaster will happen, otherwise no one knows what will happen.

They were saying all this, when the north wind slowly rose and the sea surface became unsteady and small waves rolled and big waves started roaring. The sea had become stormy and the ship leaned to either side and the sea became restless under the passengers’ legs. They held on to rods and ropes to steady themselves. The small boat coming in the wake of the big ship passed a few waves and was at last toppled by a strong one. The two passengers of the boat fell in the sea and were thrashing about but were separated from boat.

Everyone watching this, said at the same time:” oh! Woe!” and one of  the merchants, who was a kind hearted one and did not know how to swim himself, said:” Now these poor people will drown.  Whoever can, should do something. I will pay a hundred gold coins to anyone who saves these two, fifty coins for each.”



A deckhand who had come to fold down the ship’s sails, heard this and said:” This is my job. No one else can survive these waves.”

He took some of his clothes off and jumped in the water and saved one of the two with a great effort and brought him to the ship, but the other disappeared in the sea.

The first speaker said:” This is what I was talking about, now you see!”

Two of the passengers answered :” We were saying the same thing. Now, who will be rewarded fifty gold coins? The one who knows swimming. This young man learned how to swim, and today he reaped the rewards of his skills.”

One said:” I was saying the same thing, and was afraid from the very beginning. You see how the other one drowned?”

Then the deckhand who had saved one of the two people and was listening to their talk, started speaking and said:” That is right. The sea is dangerous and there are many unpredictable things in life. But there is another issue here too. I got the reward, because I knew swimming. This is the reward for knowledge and skill. If another person could have helped me, I would have saved both of them. But I did not have the strength to bring them both to the ship. If I had held on to both, they would have clung to me out of desperation and it would have made it difficult for me, and maybe would have resulted in my drowning too. But they were two brothers from our neighbourhood and I knew them both. As soon as I jumped in the water, I remembered it all. One of them, when we were playing as children, had slapped me for no good reason, and the other, one day when I was in the desert and very tired, had given me a ride on his camel. They made their own fate. Today I could only save one and had to choose. My heart settled on this one. Whoever had been in my place, would have first saved the one who had been kind to him, too. I did the same. “

But the passengers kept repeating themselves:

  • If he had not known them, there would have been no choosing.
  • If they had not come so far into the sea, the other one would not have drowned.
  • If they had been far from the ship, this one would not have been saved either.
  • ……….

The End


More From Mahvash Azizi

ترجمه های بیشتر از مهوش عزیزی

Mahvash Azizi is an Iranian-Canadian translator/interpreter from Montreal. Her first Farsi into English book published by the Zagross publications of Montreal and the Persian Culture & Art institute of Vancouver in 2015 in Canada, is the  “Complete Stories of Behrang by Samad Behrangi”. You can get access to Mahvash's page here. 
مهوش عزیزی، مترجم ایرانی کانادایی از شهر مونترال است. اولین کتاب ترجمه از فارسی به انگلیسی او که توسط انتشارات زاگرس، مونترال و خانه فرهنگ و هنر ایران، ونکوور، در سال 2015 در کانادا منتشر شده، “مجموعه کامل داستانهای بهرنگ” نوشته صمد بهرنگی است. برای رجوع به صفحه  ایشان اینجا را کلیک کنیدبنگاه چند ملیتی توسعه اجتماعی و کارآفرینی کلمبیران (سهامی خاص – داوطلب گردان و غیر انتفاعی) از همکاری افتخاری و ارزنده خانم مهوش عزیزی بخاطر کمک به رسالت این سازمان در نشر و توسعه فرهنگ و ادبیات غنی پارسی در خارج از کشور صمیمانه قدردانی می نماید


برای اطلاع از پیشینه دلیل و جزئیات اجازه قانونی انتشار این کتاب در وبسایت کلمبیران به بخش فارسی پست زیر مراجعه نمایید

چه نیکوست قبل از آغاز خواندن هر قصه

 یاد خیر و دعایی به روح زنده یاد استاد آذریزدی هدیه کنیم

او پدر ادبیات کودک و نوجوان ایران نامیده شده است

   این کتاب مشهور او جایزه بین المللی سازمان یونسکو را از آن خود نموده است

با تشکر ویژه از مدیریت  انتشارات امیرکبیر در تهران

در همکاری با این پروژه معنوی

برای جزئیات روی لوگوی فوق یا پُست زیر کلیک کنید

شناسنامه جلد هفتم 

پیشگفتار نویسنده برای جلد هفتم

مناسب برای کودکان و نوجوان گروه سنی ج و د

خواندنی برای همه فارسی زبانان نسل قدیم و جدید 

حساب سَرنِوِشت

Shahrzad reads the story
خوانش داستان با صدای شهرزاد قصه گو

دوست و همکار هنرمندمان، خانم سارا پروانه، که مدیر کانال تلگرامی شهرزاد قصه گو می باشند، خوانش این داستان زیبا را برای کودکان و نوجوانان فارسی زبان و نیز فارسی آموزان خارجی در کانال خود انجام داده اند و از شما دعوت می کنیم این منابع ارزشمند آموزشی را به دوستان خارجی خود که علاقمند و یا در حال یادگیری زبان فارسی می باشند معرفی کنید و همچنین برای فرزندان خود نیز پخش کنید


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لینک به کانال تلگرام شهرزاد برای خوانش قصه های بیشتر – روی تصویر کلیک کنید

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از جلد یکم:  قصه های کِلیله و دِمنه      

Soon /بزودی

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لینک به داستان های بیشتر

اگر حساب فیسبوکی دارید، عضو صفحه فیسبوک کلمبیران شوید  

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