قصه خوب برای بچه خوب؛ تجارت و شانس، از قصه های شیخ عطار – Comercio y Suerte! – Good Story for the Good Child; Trade & Luck – Commerce et la Chance!


Good Stories For Good Children … From old Persia!

Bonnes histoires pour les bons enfants … De l’ancienne Perse!

Buenas historias para los niños buenos … De la antigua Persia!

قصه های خوب برای بچه های خوب … از داستانهای کهن پارسی

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This children story book has won a UNESCO prize. It is being published in this website exclusively under project number 731-1,  with permission from copyright owner in Iran. Click on image below to learn about these stories and opportunity of their translation in other languages.
This story has an English translation already.See further below for its full text. French and Spanish translation will be adding later.

Ce livre des histoires pour les enfants a remporté un prix UNESCO. Il est publié ici exclusivement,  sous le project numéro 731-1, avec la permission du propriétaire des droits d’auteur en Iran. Cliquez sur l’image ci-dessous pour en savoir plus,  à peu près ces histoires et opportunité de leur traduction dans d’autres langues.
Cette histoire a déjà un traduction  en anglais. Voir plus bas pour le texte.


Este libro de cuentos los niños ha sido galardonado con un premio UNESCO. Se está publicando exclusivamente en nuestro sitio, bajo el proyecto número 731-1, con el permiso del propietario de los derechos de autor en Irán. Haga clic en la imagen de abajo para aprender sobre estas historias y oportunidad de su traducción en otros idiomas.
Esta historia, ya tiene una traducción en inglés. Vea más abajo para el texto completo.





شبکه های کلمبیران

Volume 6 of 8 


Trade & Chance

© Copyright Notice
The following text is a translation from original copyright Persian material with permission. The translation job into other language(s) is courtesy of one or several translators named on each respective section as gifted exclusively to COLOMBIRAN website for nonprofit project 731-1. All rights reserved for respective Translator(s), COLOMBIRAN Inc. (Online Publisher), and Amirkabir Publications Inc. (Original Persian Publisher).  You may republish the translation(s) ONLINE ONLY, and only for promotional non-commercial purposes, upon written permission from COLOMBIRAN, and by providing link to this webpage. For interested and qualified third party publishers to purchase the translations for prints and large worldwide distributions, we can arrange for copyright settlements between all parties involved in different countries. Contact us for details. Translation to Germany welcome. 

اخطار قانونی ©
 متن های غیر فارسی داستان حاضر ترجمه بخشی از کتابی است که دارای حقوق معنوی و مادی قانونی موجود نزد سازمان انتشارات امیرکبیر تهران می باشد. انتشار اینترنتی داستان اصلی و ترجمه  به زبان های دیگر با اخذ اجازه و با طی مراحل  قانونی و اخلاقی  فیمابین ناشر اصلی (امیرکبیر) و ناشر اینترنتی (کلمبیران) صورت می پذیرد. ترجمه ها توسط  مترجم یا مترجمین مختلف در کشورهای مختلف صورت پذیرفته و بطور افتخاری به پروژه غیرانتفاعی شماره 1-731 وبسایت کلمبیران اهدا گردیده است. کلیه حقوق مادی و معنوی ذیربط برای مترجم یا مترجمین و ناشر اینترنتی (سازمان کلمبیران) و ناشر اولیه (انتشارات امیرکبیر) محفوظ می باشد. تجدید انتشار آنلاین ترجمه انگلیسی بدون بازنشر متن فارسی بدون قصد انتفاع مادی و با هدف کمک به نشر ادبیات زبان فارسی در میان غیر فارسی زبانان برای جلب علاقه ناشرین خارجی به انتشار کامل و قانونی ترجمه کامل کتاب  بلامانع می باشد لیکن برای این منظور لازم است پیشاپیش اجازه باز نشر آنلاین ترجمه های کتاب را بطور کتبی از سازمان کلمبیران کسب نموده و در بازنشر خود به این صفحه مرجع لینک اتصال ارائه نمایید. در صورت وجود ناشرین ذیصلاح ثالث برای انتشار و فروش ترجمه داستانها در کشورهای مختلف جهان سازمان کلمبیران بین کلیه طرف های قانونی هماهنگی خواهد نمود. برای جزئیات با ما تماس حاصل نمایید



Mahvash Azizi is an Iranian-Canadian translator/interpreter from Montreal. Her first Farsi into English book published by the Zagross publications of Montreal and the Persian Culture & Art institute of Vancouver in 2015 in Canada, is the  “Complete Stories of Behrang by Samad Behrangi”

مهوش عزیزی، مترجم ایرانی کانادایی از شهر مونترال است. اولین کتاب ترجمه از فارسی به انگلیسی او که توسط انتشارات زاگرس، مونترال و خانه فرهنگ و هنر ایران، ونکوور، در سال 2015 در کانادا منتشر شده، “مجموعه کامل داستانهای بهرنگ” نوشته صمد بهرنگی است
بنگاه چند ملیتی توسعه اجتماعی و کارآفرینی کلمبیران (سهامی خاص – داوطلب گردان و غیر انتفاعی) از همکاری افتخاری و ارزنده خانم مهوش عزیزی بخاطر کمک به رسالت این سازمان در نشر و توسعه فرهنگ و ادبیات غنی پارسی در خارج از کشور صمیمانه قدردانی می نماید

Trade & Chance

Once upon a time, in the old days, it took a long time for people to find out about what went on in other cities. The tradesmen, in order to make decisions about their business, mostly went to different cities themselves and bought and sold goods there.

Still, some times when some goods arrived late in the bazaars or when large volumes of the same goods arrived at the same time, the prices would collapse. As they used to say, there was a lot of disparity and disproportion in the business of trade, and the merchants could not foresee and forecast the markets. The reason was that people were uninformed about other cities and countries.

We know that travel routes were not safe either. There were a lot of robbers and bandits. People always tried to arrange for large convoys and caravans so there would be a large number of people with the caravans, able to confront the bandits.

Travel by sea was a little safer but in the sea too sometimes pirates attacked ships, and there was the risk of drowning as well.

So trading was a difficult business since the merchant had to risk his money, but there was a lot of profit in it too. Well, when something is difficult, there is more profit in it as well. Business does not stop and merchants do their business like other people.

In this story we are dealing with two merchants from the same city who were sea merchants and more experienced in trading with coastal cities, but sea travel by old ships sometimes took many months.

On one of these journeys, when these two merchants began their journey, they had bought a lot of goods and loaded them on a cargo ship. They met each other in one of the ship’s public rooms and found out that they knew each other.  After greetings and small talk, it came out that one of them had bought a lot of cooking oil and one a lot of copper plates, and both were taking the goods to sell, with God’s help, and buy whatever they liked instead and bring them back to sell and make a profit.

The ship started and was on its way for a few weeks. When the ship was in the middle of the sea, a passenger ship appeared from the opposite direction, passing them on the way.

It was the custom of the ships’ captains when they met other ships on their way, to anchor  the ship and talk to their colleagues about the ship’s situation and the sea and their destination, and if there was any need, to help one another.

When the ships came to a stop and their captains were busy visiting each other, the cooking oil merchant went to see if they would let him visit the other ship to see if there was any of his acquaintances there.

The cooking oil merchant was a smart and calculating person  and used any opportunity to find out about the market prices and what was happening there. Unlike him, the copper merchant did not pay attention to these things and always said that their job was to buy something and sell it, but that whatever was going to happen, would happen.

The copper merchant  was asleep when the cooking oil merchant boarded the boat and went to the other ship and asked the passengers there about the price of goods in the cities on the other side of the sea, and found out that the market for cooking oil  was very slack and its price very low, but on the contrary copper had become expensive and its price had gone up.

He found this out and returned. On the way back he made some calculations and realized that if he brought all the cooking oil he had to its destination to sell, he would have to sell even below cost. This made him very unhappy. When he returned to his ship the copper merchant was still asleep.

When  he woke up, the cooking oil merchant told him:”I think a passenger ship has arrived . Don’t you want to go on deck and watch?”

The copper merchant said:” What is there to watch? I know no one on that ship.”

The other said:” Me too. Everyone is watching but I am not in the mood for these things.”

But the cooking oil merchant was very worried about what to do with this slack oil market. Gradually he started thinking that if he could change his oils with his colleague’s copper, he would be all right.

After the ship continued on its journey, the oil merchant started talking to the copper merchant and said:” Just last year I had taken cooking oil to sell  and there had bought fabrics, and it turned out ok, but what did you have last year?”

The copper merchant said:” It is many years since I have gone this way and now all I have are copper plates. I always do everything on impulse and without preparation. Whatever will be, will be,  I never know what I am doing, and sometimes I think a lot about buying and selling something, but my plans turn out wrong. Now that we are on our way, I do not know what will happen, all is for the best.”

The cooking oil merchant said:” Of course one should trust in God, but being thoughtless is not right either in business. Now I do not want to say anything bad but where we are going there are ten copper mines and this region is a copper importing one . That is why I think your goods…..well, hopefully all will be well, who knows.”

The copper merchant was upset a little but said:” It does not matter, even if the market is not good, copper is something that can keep for ten years, it does not dry out, or decrease or get eaten by the moths or termites, it does not become grubby, burn, or spoil. It is copper and will always be copper and I can do something with it. The only thing is that I cannot stay there long. I have a lot of things to take care of in my home city and should return quickly. “

The other merchant said:” Well in that case my cooking oils should have been yours, since I intend to stay there for a while and learn the language. If the market for copper was slack I would sell it when the price was better. But cooking oil is something that should be sold quickly.”

The copper merchant  said:” You see, it is always like this, things are always the other way around.”

The cooking oil merchant  Said:” But I, even though last year I made a very good profit dealing in cooking oil, am willing to exchange at cost the oils with the coppers. Trust in God and whatever happens, maybe it will be good for both of us. I do not know why I said this.”

The copper merchant Said:” I am willing, but the problem is that keeping cooking oil is difficult and if it is not sold in the market fast enough, it cannot be kept for a long time. But copper, God has always made these minerals valuable. Iron, copper , coal, silver, gold, in this earth are all so many blessings……”

The other laughed and said:” you know how to tout your wares, but our business has nothing to do with these, we buy something and we sell something. What is always valuable to buy or sell, is something to do with people’s body or their food or their clothes, is that not so? A house may never have copper plates, but it cannot last one day without cooking oil, that is why oil always has buyers. It is like cash, it deals with one’s life, and wherever there are people, there is always cooking oil being used. Cooking oil has no mine either to be excavated. Every day, it is the result of people’s hard work and the life sap of cows and sheep, and is a source of life.”

The copper merchant  laughed out loud and said: “All right, if you want it so much, let’s make a deal, I am ready. I suddenly feel like I should accept your proposition.”

The cooking oil merchant’s heart leaped in his breast for happiness and he said:”God willing it will be blessed. May God give you blessings. They say in Tabriz’s bazaar, Allah Barakat Varsan, it is good for one to know all languages.”

The other Said: “Yes it is good to know another language, but I know even my mother tongue not well enough. At any rate let’s say out loud our intention to do business together: I sell the coppers at cost to you and buy the cooking oils at cost. I hope you too will be blessed in this transaction. Didn’t I say I am always like this, I do business quickly and I never know what I am doing.”

The cooking oil merchant Said:” I accept. Now let’s tally the purchase receipts of the goods.”

They sat down and brought books and lists and  looked at the details of the purchase of the goods and completed  the transaction as barter. The copper merchant did not know himself why he did it, but the cooking oil merchant  Knew that cooking oil would make a loss and copper a profit.

But a simple incident happened afterwards that turned all these plans upside down. A few weeks later on a dark night, when there was still some leagues to go to reach their destination, , a storm came on. Big waves broke a part of the ship’s hull and sea water entered the ship.

The ship’s captain panicked and told his passengers:” Friends, everyone’s lives is at risk, and if the ship is too heavy, we will be drowned. There is no other way but to throw the ship’s cargo into the sea and lighten up the ship and save our lives.”

The two merchants were among the ones who were very upset about this and said, if our goods are thrown to the sea or if we are drowned, the results are the same for us, for if our capital is lost, we will be bankrupt and cannot live anymore.

The captain said:” I understand that losing your capital is very hard, but these words are good for when you are in the city and at home. This is the sea and the most precious thing here is one’s life. Even if the ship is lost it does not matter, but the lighter the ship is, the higher the chances of survival. The ship’s hulk Is broken and if the ship gets full of water we will all go under. Here I am the only one who knows what should be done and if you try to stop me, I will order both of you to be thrown into the sea as well.”

The two merchants kept quiet and the ship crew quickly throw all goods into the sea, goatskins of cooking oil and packs of copper plates  and people’s goods and luggage. The ship became lighter and its broken hulk stayed above water level. The ship’s captain steered it quickly towards the shore and in the morning they arrived at their destination.

The two merchant  of oil and copper were so upset and distressed that they could not even talk. They left the ship at  shore . Their business deal had ended completely opposite to what they had had in mind.

The copper plates that the cooking oil merchant had bought, had  of course gone to the bottom of the sea, but the goatskins of cooking oil belonging to the copper merchant were all floating on the sea and the waves were driving them towards the shore.

Whatever the sea takes from people, if it cannot swallow, it will give back again at the shore and  cooking oil is one of the things that stays on top of the water.

Part of the goatskins of cooking oil were thrown on the beach by the waves and others were collected by boats and rafts after the sea grew calm. The cooking oil merchant, with all his cunning and cleverness lost all the copper plates he had bought, and the copper merchant with all his simplicity and honesty was able to take most of the oil to the market and sell at cost.

What the cooking oil merchant had thought, was based on his being smart and astute, because cooking oil was  too cheap and copper very expensive, but because of the ship’s damage The results turned out  completely the opposite.

The simple  hearted copper merchant  said: “ Because of what happened, although I did not make a profit, I did not make a loss either, but I am very sorry for you. Was it my fault? I did not know what was going to happen, you were the one who suggested we exchange our goods.”

The astute merchant  Said:” No, brother it is nobody’s fault. I had planned correctly too, and knew what had to be done, but had not foreseen that the ship was going to get a hole in its hull. The captain was not at fault either, since if the ship had been heavy, we would not be here now. These sorts of incidents are frequent in life, people call them good luck or bad luck. I do not believe in luck or destiny or chance either, but it happened this way and ended well for you. In life, the same as there are plans and preparations, there are unforeseen incidents too, such as earthquakes and thunderbolts, or drowning or winning in drawing of lots. I have no complaints either and thank God that we are alive. When one is alive and well, one can build his life again.”

The End

Passionnée de la langue française et de la littérature, Sepideh-Ariana NEYDAVOODI est enseignante du FLE (Français Langue Étrangère) et vit à Strasbourg en France depuis 24 ans.
Elle écrit également des projets pédagogiques pour le temps libre (périscolaire ou after-school care) des enfants de 4 à 14 ans dans les écoles internationales et européennes de Strasbourg. Parmi ses travaux remarquable:   i) Traduction instantanée du persan au français au séminaire de droit médical à l'université de Toulouse en août 2006 sur la toxicomanie.  ii) Traduction instantanée du persan au français pour Amnesty international lors de la journée mondiale du journalisme en 2011 à Strasbourg.  iii) Traduction du français au persan du livre "La méthodologie du questionnaire" de Pierre Bourdieu. 

سپیده آریانا نی داوودی متولد ایران و در بیست و چهار سال گذشته ساکن شهر استراسبورگ فرانسه می باشد. بخاطر علاقه مفرط به زبان وادبیات فرانسوی، سپیده دارای شغل و حرفه معلمی در کلاس های "فرانسه به عنوان زبان خارجی"  برای کودکان چهار تا چهارده سال در مدارس بین المللی و اروپایی استراسبورگ می باشد. همچنین در وقت آزاد خویش در پروژه های آموزشی دیگر مهدکودکها و پیش دبستانی ها با مدارس شهر همکاری دارد. از سایر کارهای برجسته او می توان به موارد زیر اشاره نمود
ترجمه همزمان از فارسی به فرانسه در سمینار حقوق پزشکی درباره اعتیاد به مواد مخدر در دانشگاه تولوز 
ترجمه همزمان از فارسی به فرانسه برای سازمان عفو بین الملل در روز جهانی روزنامه نگاری 
ترجمه کتاب "روش تهیه پرسشنامه" تالیف جامعه شناس فرانسوی پیر بوردیو

بنگاه چند ملیتی توسعه اجتماعی و کارآفرینی کلمبیران (سهامی خاص – داوطلب گردان و غیر انتفاعی) از همکاری افتخاری و ارزنده خانم سپیده نی داوودی بخاطر کمک به رسالت این سازمان در نشر و توسعه فرهنگ و ادبیات غنی پارسی در خارج از کشور صمیمانه قدردانی می نماید



En raison de circonstances personnelles imprévues, Mme Neydavood peut envoyer cette traduction plus tard. Nous lui respectons totalement et apprécions sa collaboration.


بدلیل شرایط شخصی غیرقابل پیش بینی، خانم نی داوودی ترجمه این داستان را در آینده ارسال خواهند کرد. ما ضمن درک و احترام به  موقعیت ایشان همکاری ایشان را قدر می داریم


برای اطلاع از پیشینه دلیل و جزئیات اجازه قانونی انتشار این کتاب در وبسایت کلمبیران به بخش فارسی پست زیر مراجعه نمایید

چه نیکوست قبل از آغاز خواندن هر قصه

 یاد خیر و دعایی به روح زنده یاد استاد آذریزدی هدیه کنیم

او پدر ادبیات کودک و نوجوان ایران نامیده شده است

   این کتاب مشهوراو جایزه بین المللی سازمان یونسکو را از آن خود نموده است

باتشکر ویژه از مدیریت  انتشارات امیرکبیر در تهران

درهمکاری با این پروژه معنوی

برای جزئیات روی لوگوی فوق کلیک کنید

شناسنامه جلد ششم

پیشگفتار نویسنده برای جلد ششم

مناسب برای کودکان و نوجوان گروه سنی ج و د

خواندنی برای همه فارسی زبانان نسل قدیم و جدید 

تجارت و شانس 

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شبها قبل از خواب برای بچه های خوبتان بخوانید

اگر حساب فیسبوکی دارید، عضو صفحه فیسبوک کلمبیران شوید  

تا همیشه از انتشار قصه های بعدی به موقع مطلع گردید





شبکه های کلمبیران


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