Trilingual Site


Multilingual Content VS. Unilingual Web Pages

In our opinion and experience, having single pages or posts with the three  or four languages of the site (where applicable) instead of having three or four different unilanguage posts or pages, would help our member groups to gradually obtain a minimal understanding and knowledge about the current news and events, regarding the alternate member group.


Colors and Flags!

As such, in many pages or posts you will notice the little flag icons which would visually help you to know which language can be found in that post or page.

ca50.25   th   co50.25   ir50.25png

Red for English  

Bleu pour le français

Amarillo para Español

سبز برای فارسی

The initiative of running a single multilingual website and multilingual web pages,  even though is a big challenge and time consuming effort on our part, may serve like an extra help towards encouraging our community members to learn and/or improve one more language skills, which at the same time could benefit them for personal development or career and employment possibilities and opportunities.

By having some bilingual, trilingual, or where applicable multilingual posts  (even if not covering same exact identical text or word-for-word translation), and by identifying some key words and verbs in alternate language, you may eventually find some interests and gradually find it easier and faster to learn, practice, or improve some new language skills.

And in doing so, of course you can take advantage of the corresponding language lessons found in the Language Centre of the site.



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